Equipping the next generation of leaders

Here at Calvary Baptist Church, we understand that we must train up new leaders in the Church and that means equipping young people. Our mission is to reach students, train them up, and send them out to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Morning

Sunday School and Fellowship

We meet every Sunday morning at 9:30am for Sunday School. We are currently learning about apologetics through a study called When Worldviews Collide by Ergun Caner.

10:45am We attend service with the whole church family.

Wednesday Night

Spending time praising God and reading His Word.

Every Wednesday night we meet at 6:30pm spending time playing games, singing, and then diving into God's Word.

For the month of June, we are going through a new study called Origin Story. 

Whether the cause is a radioactive spider bite or a nuclear explosion, every superhero has an origin story. A moment when they begin to discover how they're uniquely equipped to help save the world. You probably don't have the power of flight or the ability to shoot energy beams out of your fists, but in this 4-week series you'll see that you have the potential to help save the world too, when you embrace who God made you to be, care for the people in front of you, and rely on your team.

Upcoming Events

Things to Look Forward to

  • Generate Camp- 6/7-6/11 at Louisiana College in Pineville, La.

  • Game Night Friday 5/21 6:00pm-10:00pm

  • VBS 6/23-6/25